What is a DVR?

Digital Video Recorder: records digital images from an analog camera. The antiquated level of surveillance technology.

What is an NVR?

Network Video Recorder: records images on a network based system. The current level of surveillance technology.

Why use surveillance?

There are many reasons to use surveillance – the main reasons are to catch criminals, prevent theft, control work environments, increase employee productivity, limit your liability as a company (or in a personal residence) – just to name a few. Ultimately, it’s your second set of eyes.

Will a security system lower my insurance rates?

Typically yes! Be sure to tell your agent if you have a system installed.

How far back can I record?

It’s variable dependent on the hard drive size and what resolution, refresh rate, and motion recording you have programmed into your system – as long as you want is always possible.

Is my old system worth saving?

Yes, current NVR and hybrid technology incorporates pieces of your old system until you can upgrade all aspects of technology. It’s convenient to upgrade in stages.

What is a megapixel?

A megapixel is a measurement of pixels within an image. Typically, the higher the megapixel camera you purchase, the better quality the images that will come from the camera. However, higher megapixel also means more data storage space required to save the image. It’s best to ask your system designer what size megapixel camera would be best for your environment and system.

How can I monitor my cash register in my security system?

There is “POS Interface” technology that enables you to ‘read’ your cash register screen while subsequently viewing your cash register (via surveillance camera). For example, you can verify that your employee rang in 2 sodas, and actually sold those 2 sodas.

What is the average amount of time it takes to find an incident?

Dependent on the amount of history you need to review, there are smart search settings along with motion detection that will assist in speeding up your search. You can find an incident within minutes if the system is set up to do so.

What is VMS or Video Management Software?

Software that enables adequate viewing for many network video applications, typically using a web interface. It assists in organizing, recording, and playing back the applicable cameras at applicable times to your environment.

Can I view my cameras on my smart phone?

Yes, with the correct NVR programming and application downloaded.

How many codes can I have in my alarm system?

It varies per alarm panel type, but most commercial panels we sell allow up 99 user codes.

What is an open/close report?

An emailed report that shows when an alarm is armed and disarmed and who armed it. This proves as an important tool in verifying employee arrival and departure.

How do I know that ‘Jack’ is entering his designated alarm code?

With a backup video surveillance camera – see security integration.

I forgot to set my alarm and have left my home/business. What can I do?

You can set it remotely via your smart phone. You can also call SWA&V, they can arm it remotely for you during normal business hours

How do I turn on/off the chime on my alarm?

Hit code, then chime button. It will toggle the chime mode on & off.

What is access control?

A system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer.

What are the different levels of access?

From least to most secure: key, keypad with code, card or keyfob, then biometric entry.

How is an access control system different than physical keys to a door?

You can monitor who goes in that door with their card/keyfob presented when entering the door. You can also disable the use of a card/keyfob with a click of the mouse vs. collecting a key from someone you want to restrict immediately.

Can I restrict an employee from entering certain rooms?

Yes. The level of security with a network based access control system is endless – you can restrict specific employees, from specific doors, even during specific days and times.

Can I restrict my property via access control?

Yes. With gates and card entry automatic openers to the gates.

I’ve heard an access control system can actually save me money. Is this true?

Yes, access control eliminates re-keying doors and entryways, which can be costly if you have high turnover.

What is the benefit of integrating my surveillance, alarm, and access control systems?

The more depth your complete security system has, the more secured you and your business or home is. A camera system will obviously record images. Your access control system will restrict entries. An alarm system incorporates the local police department. The combination of all three will verify one against the other; therefore increasing the level of security exponentially.

I have a security system at two of my businesses and at home. Can I view all three remotely via my smart phone?

Yes, video management software helps to incorporate the applicable areas while you away with a touch of a button.

I am away from my home/business and cannot view my cameras via my remote connection.

Verify the internet connection is working at both at the camera site and wherever you are viewing from. Also, make sure the system is powered on.

How do I clear an alarm code?

Keep entering your 4-digit code & the off key. Entering your code and the off key twice in a row usually will clear the alarm from the keypad.

I just received my new access cards and entered them into my system; they aren’t working.

Verify the facility code on the card is entered into your software.

My alarm is going off and I’m on vacation. What do I do?

Enter code remotely (if you view via your video surveillance that it is a false alarm) via your smart phone or device. Call the Central Monitoring Station and alert them that you have a false alarm. Call SWA&V to verify all devices are working effectively and not faulty.

My access doors are not locking down at their scheduled time. What do I do?

Check the software interface and make sure the doors are scheduled to be locked. If it is a holiday, verify that the correct holiday schedule is in place. Call SWA&V to initiate a service call. If it is after normal business hours and you are a maintenance customer, please refer to your emergency service call list to initiate an emergency service call.